I will be presenting along with many other area attorneys at next weeks Midwest Art, Entertainment & Sports Law Institute. Come out and hear about some the latest opportunities and challenges facing the attorneys for the art, entertainment and sports communities. http://www.minncle.org/Materials/Seminars/67410.pdf

Highlights Include:

  • Former ASCAP executive and current president of a music publishing company, attorney Ron Sobel will “teach, discuss, rant and rave” about intellectual property pitfalls, new media trends, current revenue models and licensing protocols

  • Music publishing contracts and other issues in the digital age

  • The FTC’s take on endorsements and Internet advertising

  • The hottest legal and ethical concerns in college sports

  • A review of core intellectual property concepts, as well as contract, licensing entity basics with a nod to the creative client

  • The Ramifications of Supreme Court Review of American Needle

  • Your Client Said WHAT?? Lauren Bloom, J.D., L.L.M., author of The Art of the Apology, will give us valuable insights into helping our clients out of potential PR and legal nightmares