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Copyright LawyerA copyright lawyer should be able to advise you about a variety of copyright related matters.  Copyright law is about more than simply registration. It is also about permissible and impermissible use of existing works.  Copyright is a form of protection provided by the Constitution of the United States and codified at title 17, U. S. Code.  This protection is given to the authors of “original works of authorship.” This includes literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other intellectual works. Similar laws are found around the globe and international treaties allow for protection across most borders.

Copyright Lawyer Ken Kunkle

Ken works with clients from across the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area, throughout Minnesota, and across the globe.
Services include:

  • Fair Use Opinions and Counseling
  • Public Domain Opinions
  • Copyright Registrations
  • Serving as a DMCA Agent for Websites
  • Submitting and Responding to Online Take-Down Requests
  • Licensing and Sale of Copyright Protected Materials
  • Responding to Demand Letters and Negotiating Mutually Beneficial Outcomes

Representative Copyright Matters

  • Resolution of Copyright Infringement and Contract Dispute
    The client, a commercial photographer, was commissioned to take photographs for use on posters and coffee books.  After reviewing the terms of the agreement, Ken determined that the contracting party had violated the terms of the agreement and had violated the photographer’s copyright by not providing proper attribution on the published photos.  He quickly negotiated a resolution that addressed his client’s concerns.
  • YouTube Take Down Notices
    Kunkle Trademark and Legal’s client was a small international film company.  Many of its films were being posted without permission on YouTube.  Ken submitted a series of take-down requests pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and had the posts removed within a few days.
  • Fair Use Opinion
    The client, a producer of online videos, was working on a new project and had developed a number of rough-cuts for the project.  Kunkle Trademark and Legal reviewed the material and provided guidance on what material would be considered as fair-use, and what material would need licensing to avoid potential litigation.

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