Media & Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment LawyerArtists and entertainers often have the same legal needs as any other business, but sometimes the issues are unique to their industry or art. Kunkle Trademark and Legal understands these differences and am prepared to handle them in the way that helps you build your business and career.

Services Include:

  • Reviewing and Drafting Entertainment and Media Contracts
  • Counseling Clients Regarding Licensing of Rights
  • Registration of Copyrights
  • Reviewing and Vetting Media Content
  • Providing Fair-Use Opinions
  • Formation of Business Ventures
  • Preparation of Recording and Publishing Agreements
  • All Other Legal Issues Affecting the Artist or Entertainer

Entertainment Law Experience

While many businesses can work with general business attorneys, having an experienced media & entertainment lawyer on your side gives you a leg up because they already know about your industry. Ken has worked with a variety of creative individuals over the years, including, artisans, photographers, record labels, graphic artists, self publishers, musicians, Internet content providers, songwriters, and many others.  Kunkle Trademark and Legal aims to bring that experience to each new client they serve.

Representative Matters

Fair Use Opinion
Ken’s client, a producer of online videos, was developing a new project and had developed a number of rough-cuts for the project.  Ken reviewed the material and provided guidance on what material would be considered as fair-use, and what material would need licensing to avoid potential litigation.

Recording Contract
The client, a musician, approached with a new recording contract. Kunkle Trademark and Legal reviewed the agreement and discussed terms with the client. Ken advised them on potential terms to be negotiated to maximize their ability to achieve future goals.

Websites of Interest

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