You were very knowledgeable and approachable, offering alternative scenarios and options.
~ Jennifer Noden LEED AP (2018)

Ken walked me through the process simply and explained all the key points. He was patient and helpful throughout the process helping me to overcome obstacles and successfully get my trademark registered.
~ Client (2018)

~ Client (2018)

Fast reasonable service.
~ Splatterburst Targets (2018)

Ken has always done excellent work for our company.
~Petronet LLC (Dec. 2017)

Ken exceeded all my expectations of trademark law. Very thorough. Ken drew on his vast knowledge and went above and beyond in helping me apply his expertise to my unique situation. The foundation of my new business and how I plan on going about future challenges are very much based on Ken’s thoughts on the matter. I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to recommend Kunkle Trademark & Legal to anyone of my family or friends. Is there a Kunkle Trademark t-shirt available?
~ Client (Oct. 2017)