In recognition of the difficulties facing photographer’s to register large volumes of photographs, the U.S. Copyright Office has announced that starting in February (2/20/2018) , they will accept group registrations of photographs via the online registration system (eCO).  Each online application can include up to 750 images from a single copyright owner (not photographer).  The Final Rule published by Copyright Office includes a number of other modifications, as well as a detailed discussion of the reasoning behind these changes.

Included in the discussion was this analysis of the needs of photographers:

The CVA surveyed 1,744 photographers and asked them to identify the average number of photographs that they take in a single day and over the course of a single month. The vast majority of the respondents—70%—reported that they take fewer than 750 photos on an average day, while another 17% reported that they take between 751 and 1,500 photos on an average day. This presumably represents the average rate for a daily photo shoot, but it seems unlikely that the average photographer would create this many images on every day of the month. The CVA’s survey supports this assumption. The results indicate that during an average month nearly half of the respondents—47%— would be able to register all the photos with four applications or fewer, and during a slow month, the majority of the respondents—61%—would be able to register all of their photos with one submission.