What is a Trademark Opposition?

Trademark Opposition

A trademark opposition or cancellation proceeding is a lawsuit brought before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB).  They are for either opposing the registration of a trademark or cancelling an existing trademark.  This type of lawsuit can be used in situations where one party believes they have a right to the mark over the party seeking. They can also be used when one party they are currently maintaining a registration over that mark.  These types of cases usually involve the same steps used in a regular trial – (1) a complaint is served and responded to, (2) the parties go through discovery, and (3) a trial is conducted.   All the same principals of a typical trial apply in a case like this as well.  However, there are some differences, such as the fact that the trial is done through written submissions only, rather than being in an in-person setting.

Why are Trademark Oppositions Important?

These proceedings are important because they can make or break a trademark.  In the event you have been served in a cancellation or opposition proceeding, you should seek legal counsel immediately. Similarly, if you have become aware of a pending application that violates your trademark rights, time is of the essence when filing an opposition action.

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