10 Trademarks Just in Time for Halloween

10 Trademarks Just in Time for Halloween

While some folks might think trademarks can be a little scary, I know that they can also be a little fun.

10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgG&S: Processed cereal-based food to be used as a 10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgbreakfast food, snack food or ingredient for making other foods.Serial (no pun intended) 85120586 and 85120583 
G & S: Beer.10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgSerial: 86110135Yes – a stumbling disheveled guy is your image for beer – why didn’t this get rejected as merely descriptive?
G & S: Books in the field of children’s literature.10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgSerial: 86271191Whenever I put my child to bed, I always like to talk about monsters too – keeps her quiet when I tell her how she will get eaten-up if she asks for a glass of water.
10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgG & S: Parlour games.Serial: 86222077What the heck is a Haint you ask?  Well I had to look it up too – God bless American entrepreneurship.http://www.haintinabox.com/
G&S: Magazines featuring women modeling in horror-themed pictorials for entertainment purposes.10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgSerial: 86506372And Playboy decided to get out of the nudie business – perhaps they just weren’t putting enough dripping blood on them?
10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgG & S: Clothing, namely, short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, baseball hats, and beanies.Serial: 85803000My first reaction was “How did this get by Major League Baseball??”, then I noticed that they have filed a pending cancellation action (http://ttabvue.uspto.gov/ttabvue/v?qs=85803000)
10-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpg86446861G & S: Sporting Goods, namely, skateboards.AAARRGGHHH – Happy Face Vampire
8639254210-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgG & S: Repair of computers, cell phones, and tablets.I can live with that.  Sometimes my computer feels a little brain dead.
8639600210-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgG & S: Firearms.I particularly like the description on this one.  “The mark consists of a vampire skull with bullet hole.”   Don’t they know it take stake to the heart – zombies need to be shot in the head.

See How to Kill A Vampire (http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/how-to-kill-a-vampire.html)

8633194410-Trademarks-Just-in-Time-for-Halloween-.jpgG & S: LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures.Really?  Shouldn’t the light be used for killing Vampires (see above)

Ten Cute Cat Trademarks

Ten Cute Cat Trademarks

Because cats make everything more entertaining.  (search using (03.01.04)[DD]  and  (2)[MD]).  A sample of 10 recent applications for cat related trademarks for your viewing pleasure.

1.  Content Kitty (such a peaceful face)

Mark Image
Serial Number: 86468722 Description of Mark The mark consists of the face of a cat.


2.  Lethal Kitty (HiYA!!)

Mark Image
Serial: 86330685 Description: The mark consists of a stylized standing white cat with yellow eyes and wearing gray pants, gray shoes, and a blue jacket that has white trim, two visible white buttons and a white Chinese language symbol. The cat is standing upon a black oval.


3.  Hello Kitty (one of many recently filed applications)

Mark Image
Serial: 86582292 Description: The mark consists of the face of a kitty.


4. Butt Kitty (Ok –  this one creeps me out a little)

Mark Image
Serial: 86468165 Description: The mark consists of a feminine cat facing {walking} away, with tail up exposing a heart shape on the butt.


5. Knitted Kitty (this one is for “knitted underwear” -’nuff said -cool design)

Mark Image
Serial: 86426751 Goods: Knitted underwear.


6. Hipster Kitty (jeez – everyone knows cats prefer the chevron)

Mark Image
Serial: 86543982 Description: The mark consists of the stylized image of a cat’s head with a mustache.


7. Creepy Kitty (with dog overlord)

Mark Image
Serial: 86484950 Description: The mark consists of Cat having a primarily orange-brown fur coat and white chest laying in front of a seated dog having a primarily grayish-tan and brown fur coat and black nose, where both the cat and dog are depicted with large human-like smiling mouths with red lips and bright upper and lower white teeth showing, and a radiating sparkle emanating from the upper right-hand corner of each mouth.


8. Masked Kitty (what possible advantage would a cat have trying to pretend he’s a dog?)

Mark Image
Serial: 86420033 Description: The mark consists of a stylized cat wearing a dog mask.


9. Anthropomorphic Kitty (why no shoes on the hands??)

Mark Image
Serial: 86057456 Description: The mark consists of stylized image of a kitten wearing a dress and tennis shoes.


10.  Plain old Cute Kitty (just because)

Mark Image
Serial: 86056395 Description: he mark consists of a pictorial representation of a kitten in a woman’s hands. There is a purple arc to the left of the kitten. The kitten’s fur is white, black and gray. The kitten’s nose is pink and its eyes are blue and black. The woman’s hands are shades of tan. Both the kitten and hands have white highlights. The area between the kitten and the purple arc is white.


content kitty