Copyright Law

Copyright OfficeI advise clients in a variety copyright related matters – from providing infringement, fair use, and public domain opinions, to registrations and licensing.  I enjoy helping people manage and protect their creative works.  I work with clients from across the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area, through-out Minnesota and across the globe. Some examples of how I help my clients include:

  • Submitting and responding to online Take-Down requests
  • Providing opinions on the applicability of Fair Use
  • Licensing and sale of copyright protected materials
  • Registration of copyrights
  • Responding to demand letters and negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Representative Matters

  • Resolution of Copyright Infringement and Contract Dispute
    My client, a commercial photographer, was commissioned to take photographs for use on posters and coffee books. After reviewing the terms of the agreement, I determined that the contracting party had violated the terms of the agreement and had violated the photographer’s copyright by not providing proper attribution on the published photos. I quickly negotiated a resolution that addressed my client’s concerns.
  • YouTube Take Down Notices
    My client was a small international film company.  Many of its films were being posted without permission on YouTube.  I submitted a series of take-down requests pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and had the posts removed within a few days.
  • Fair Use Opinion
    Producer of online videos was developing a new project and had developed a number of rough-cuts of the project. I reviewed the material and provided guidance on what material would be considered as fair-use, and what material would need need licensing to avoid potential litigation.

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