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Pied Piper’s Trademark Problems

On a recent episode of HBO’s new show Silicon Valley, the hapless coders find themselves in a bind when they realize that the “placeholder” company name “Pied Piper, Inc.” was already in use by Pied Piper Irrigation, another California company. … Continue reading

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France – Where Everyone Has the Right to Privacy

Article 9 of the French Civil Code provides that: “everyone has the right to privacy.” A little while back Kate Middleton was spotted (via a long range lens) topless at a private residence in France.  The resulting photos ended up … Continue reading

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Uncle Fester and Justin Bieber

Well before before Uncle Fester shaved his head and joined the Addams Family, the actor Jackie Coogan was appearing in silent film alongside Charlie Chaplin.  Unfortunately for Jackie, his parents spent all the money from his work and when he  … Continue reading

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Public Performance and Ringtones

As if to demonstrate why the general public continues to question the validity of all copyright claims in music, ASCAP recently provided us with one of the stupidest and greediest copyright cases in the recent past. (opinion at After … Continue reading

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Public Performance

What is a performance license? One of the exclusive rights of composers of songs is to control the right to publicly perform the song publicly. Of course with the way that the music industry has developed, it is not practical … Continue reading

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Tax Deductions for Creatives

As Tax day approaches its important to take into account targeted deductions that benefit Creatives. One such deduction is the Domestic Production Activities Deduction (AKA Section 199 deduction) which was meant to encourage U.S. job creation. The deduction was created … Continue reading

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Music Publishing Administrator

I recently had the opportunity to consider whether a US artist with airplay in Europe would be better served to find a publisher or to simply hire an agency to administer his rights overseas. While it is hard for any … Continue reading

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SPNN Presentation

I had the opportunity the other night to cover for another attorney in a presentation at the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) regarding copyright law, release forms, and fair use in video production. I typically enjoy these programs, as I … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Copyright

A frequent comment I hear when talking with musicians is that they think mailing a copy of their music to themselves will work just like a copyright registration, but cheaper. This is sometimes known as a “Poor Man’s copyright.” While … Continue reading

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Morals Clause

What does a “morals clause do? Morality The basic idea is simple – if you are in the public eye and you do something stupid and doing that stupid thing makes the purpose of the contract frustrated, then the other … Continue reading

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