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Minimizing Your Risk Related to Administrative Tasks and Payroll

Thinking of adding an employee but not sure how to handle the day to day administrative issues related to pay and insurance?   Employees are a responsibility for any business.  When you take one on, they may be there to make … Continue reading

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Considerate Contracts

While it may seem like a simple question, sometimes its worth reviewing just the same – when is a contract a contract? General speaking it is when two or more parties exchange mutual promises. Often the determining factor is whether … Continue reading

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Piercing the Corporate Veil in Minnesota

The term “piercing the veil” is a reference to a method of holding a company or individual responsible for the liabilities of a corporation or other business entity despite the company being a separate corporate entity with limitations on its … Continue reading

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Ringtone Copyright Royalty Rates

“Answer the phone, answer the phone” – that’s what my cell phone screams in the voice of my daughter whenever someone tries to reach me. I recorded it a while back and it amuses me and everyone around me every … Continue reading

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Does theTwitter ToS dedicate everything you post to public domain?? – NO!

I use to say that it was a myth that if it was on the Internet it was free to use. While still a myth, photojournalist Daniel Morela may have reason to question whether this in fact still true. Morla … Continue reading

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Who can Sue when a Freelancer is Discriminated Against?

Freelancers take note: Under Minnesota Law if you have formed an LLC or other business entity and you experience discrimination at the hands of one of your clients, as an individual you cannot make a claim under Minnesota’s Human Rights … Continue reading

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Audit & Record Keeping Provisions

Whether you have partners, or are contracting for royalties from another party, one of the most common provisions in any licensing & partnership contracts is one that provides a means and method of keeping financial records of the project or … Continue reading

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Tax Deductions for Creatives

As Tax day approaches its important to take into account targeted deductions that benefit Creatives. One such deduction is the Domestic Production Activities Deduction (AKA Section 199 deduction) which was meant to encourage U.S. job creation. The deduction was created … Continue reading

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Forum Selection in Creative Commons Licenses

Users of Creative Common’s licenses beware! Chang v. Virgin Mobile USA, LLC 2009 WL 111570 (N.D.Tex. January 16, 2009) Texas plaintiffs posted a photo to a popular picture sharing website using a Creative Commons licenses. The photo was then down … Continue reading

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Business and the Law Seminar

This evening I had the pleasure of giving a presentation at Women Venture to several women working to develop and start new businesses. I gave a presentation entitled Business and the Law which covered a variety of issues related to … Continue reading

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