Kenneth’s business law practice serves the general needs of the business community. He works with both new and existing businesses and prefers to work with small, growing companies. The entrepreneurial spirit that many of these businesses have is something that Kenneth appreciates and shares. He enjoys the unique legal challenges that these businesses often encounter.

Kenneth assists start-up companies in deciding on a business form that is right for them, whether employee agreements are needed, and with all other legal issue affecting their business. Services include:

  • Preparing Limited Liability Company, corporate, and partnership formations
  • Counseling clients on branding and trademark issues
  • Preparation and negotiation of licensing agreements
  • Preparing and reviewing buy-sell agreements
  • Consulting with clients on confidentiality agreements
  • Defending and enforcing non-compete agreements
  • And all other services needed by new and existing businesses

Kenneth believes that the most important part of working with clients is making sure that they understand the law. He believes a large component of an attorney’s job is to educate the client so that they can make informed decisions about their business.